Mustang Tiji festival trek


Tiji celebration is a beautiful and important celebration celebrated in Upper Mustang by local people who take after the Tibetan Buddhist culture. Detached from rest of the world, the district has effectively possessed the capacity to safeguard their way of life and custom in place. Tiji celebration is really celebrated from three days consistently in the start of the gather season. Individuals commend this celebration with a conviction to pursue away the devils. Amid this celebration, individuals wear their conventional brilliant dresses and serenade their propitious petitions. According to a folklore, a god named Dorje Jono needed to battle a fight against his evil presence father to spare the Kingdom of Mustang from any sort of devastation. “Tiji” has been gotten from “ten che” whose exacting importance is any expectation of dharma that is winning in the whole world. It is the message spread by Guru Rinpoche hundreds of years back.Mustang Tiji festival trek is famous celebration trek in trekking in Nepal


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