Bhairav Kunda Trek.


Bhairav Kund is named after the dangerous part of Lord Shiva (Bhairav) and is one of the hallowed journey destinations for Shamans. The two Hindus and Buddhist aficionados visit this high elevation (4200m) blessed mountain lake (‘kund’) to pay respect and bathe away sins amid each Bhadra (August) Full Moon. Jalbire, the beginning stage for this trek is a five hour transport ride from Kathmandu towards the Tibetan outskirt. We go through a blend of delightful mountain landscape and the terraced fields and trademark places of provincial towns from various ethnic gatherings. You will spend your first night encountering the ‘Newari’ culture of Jalbire. Your Guide will give a short chat on trekking, height infection and the features of the trek. These incorporate the heavenly Bhairav Kund, the mind boggling Himalayan landscape and the way of life of migrant individuals for all intents and purposes unaltered by time.


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